Thursday, May 8, 2014

Derek Jeter Paddleboard Laminated with HG Photocloth

derek jeter sup paddleboard retirement gift
On May 7, 2014 the Los Angeles Angels gave Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees the coolest SUP (stand up paddleboard) as a gift for his retirement. This beautiful, personalized SUP was shaped by Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards in San Juan Capistrano, California and laminated with HG Photocloth provided by Headline Graphics, Encinitas, California.

When Hobie came to Headline Graphics requesting the graphic, it felt like being a part of baseball's history. "It was an honor to produce and print this beautiful graphic representing all the hard work of one of the best baseball players who ever lived" said Jerry Anderson, President of Headline Graphics.

NY New York Yankees SUP paddleboard
"The most interesting thing about this for us, is that's exactly what Headline Graphics and HG Photocloth is all about. Our goal is to make everyone's dreams come true. We can create what you've always wanted to display into a beautiful laminate for surfboards or SUPs. We are not here to just take the boring blank space away. We are here to help add emotion and life to our customers' boards. What makes us proud is seeing our customers' expressions the first moment they see a complete design and connect with it. We want to be a part of their passion for the sport!"
That custom SUP gift is probably one of the most unique gifts that has ever been given in baseball history.

NY yankees jeter retirement SUP gift from LA angels

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